Llewellyn – Cadenzia Lug Set

By Darrell McCulloch (Lewellyn Bikes)

The “Cadenzia” lug set is a joint design project between Italian frame building legend Dario Pegoretti and myself, Darrell Llewellyn McCulloch. Released in February 2009, these are the world’s first road bike lugs for XL tube sizes with a level top tube.

The lug set sits along side the Llewellyn XL Compact lug set, so a builder can design frames with a either a level or sloping top tube using XL tube sizes. XL sized tubing is selected for the tall or big lads to ensure the bike has the correct handling properties.

Cadenzia is the seventh Design and Form by Llewellyn, and the fifth lug set.



The Cadenzia lugs have an Italian style to them but the lug’s shape has the right amount of room to allow for elaboration if desired.

This lug set has all the desired features such as

  • Accomodation for a stainless steel M6 cap head seat binder bolt.
  • Anti-seatpost-damage shape to the key hole slot.
  • Cast M5 gear bosses with spring counter bore on the DT lug.
  • Lots of seat tube skirt to allow the builder to trim to fit around the desired seat stay attachment style and also fit large diameter seat stays with large frames.
  • 36 mm head tube for 28.6 steerer forks, steel or Carbon
  • Lots of stack height on the top head lug that can be trimmed to suit the frame design.

The stainless steel seat lugs have a shelf in top of the seat lug that sits on top of the seat tube. This avoids the exposed braze line between seat lug and seat tube and also removes the need to make a small piece of stainless tube to sit on-top-of and inside the seat lug to avoid the otherwise exposed rusty top edge of the seat tube.


The normal SCM21 steel lugs have right-through normal seat tube bore.