Original Set and Set


TT BRNI11 Brain, Cyclex 25.4, L=600, 0.8/0.6/0.8
188 g brlm11.jpg (5537 bytes)
MT GARI111500 4130. Non Branded 25.4, L=1500, 0.8   gari11.jpg (3761 bytes)
TT BRLM11 Brain, Cyclex 28.6, L=600, 0.8/0.5/0.8 219 g brlm11.jpg (5537 bytes)
TT SPLM11525A Spirit for lugs, Niobium 28.6, L=525, 0.7/0.45/0.7 192g
TT SPLM11565B Spirit for lugs, Niobium 28.6, L=565, 0.7/0.45/0.7 204g
DT SLXI12 SLX, Cyclex 28.6, L=650, 0.9/0.6/0.9
Helical Ribbing. But the limited quantity now available have the ribbing on one end only.
DT DEDDT286COM Nivacrom 28.6, L=635, 0.8/0.5/0.8  
DT TUBE28663508, or TUBE286150008 4130. Non Branded 28.6, L=635, 0.8 Also available in 1500mm lengths 328 g gari11.jpg (3761 bytes)
MT TUBE286150010 4130. Non Branded 28.6, L=1500, 1.0   gari11.jpg (3761 bytes)
MT TUBE286150015 4130. Non Branded 28.6, L=1500, 1.5
  gari11.jpg (3761 bytes)
MT 28.7IDx1000 4130. Non Branded 28.7 Inside Diameter, L=1000. Suitable for use as seat tube sleeving.   gari11.jpg (3761 bytes)
DT NVRL11 Cyber, Nivacrom 31.7, L=600/635, 0.8/0.5/0.8 272 g nvrl11.jpg (5093 bytes)
DT TUBE318650 or TUBE3181500 4130. Non Branded 31.7, L=650, 1.0 Also available as 1500mm lengths 450 g gari11.jpg (3761 bytes)
DT DEDDT35COM Nivacrom 35, L=650,0.8/0.6/0.8 305 g  
MT TUBE351500 4130. Non Branded 35, L=1500, 0.9
  gari11.jpg (3761 bytes)
MT TUBE3811500 4130. Non Branded 38.1, L=1500, 0.9   gari11.jpg (3761 bytes)
MT TUBE4451500 4130. Non Branded 44.5, L=1500, 0.9   gari11.jpg (3761 bytes)
ST NMMI13 Nemo, Nivacrom 28.6,0.8/0.5/1.0
L=460 or 510mm
Lightest externally butted seat tubes Columbus produced.
ST SPLI13540A Spirit for Lugs, Niobium 28.6, 0.8/0.45/0.7, 540mm  
ST SPLI13580B Spirit for Lugs, Niobium 28.6, 0.8/0.45/0.7, 580mm  
ST ST317450E
Cromoly 31.7/32.3mm Externally Butted Seat Tube. 29.9mm ID
450 or 540mm length
CS CRMI14OV430 Thron, Cromoly 22.2, L=430, 0.75 142 g
MT TUBE222150009

4130. Non Branded 22.2, L=1500, 0.9
Non Tapered
Also available in 1.6mm
142 g gari11.jpg (3761 bytes)
CS SPXI14TO Cyclex 22.2, 410, 1, with ribbed butting at 22.2mm End
CS COLCSDEROSA Cromoly 22.2x410x0.8
Round/Diamond/Round. 17/27mm diamond shape instead of central ovalization. In the style used previously by De Rosa.
CS CRR114V10 Thron, Cromoly 29.9/16, L=435, 1/0.7mm 180 g
CS CRR114V10-155 Thron, Cromoly
, L=435, 0.9/0.6, 15.5 tip,
9 degree bend.
Fits LR02 Dropouts
CS CRM214OV Thron, Cromoly 29.5x18, 410, 0.8 162 g
CS SCRM114OV Cromoly 30/18, L=435, 1/0.7
15.5 tip. Straight.
Fits LR02 Dropouts
CS NMM04RTS Nemo MTB, Nivacrom    
CS MPO240A203 ZERO HT 30/16, L=410mm, 12.5mm tip

Dedacciai Heat treated

CS SLF114OV410001135 Life, Niobium 30/16, L=410mm
13.5mm tip.
MT TUBE1271500 4130. Non Branded 12.7, L=1500, 0.9
Untapered Tube
  gari11.jpg (3761 bytes)
MT TUBE141500 4130. Non Branded 14, L=1500, 0.9
Untapered seat stay
  gari11.jpg (3761 bytes)
MT TUBE101500 4130. Non Branded 10, L=1500, 0.9
Used as rack tubing.
  gari11.jpg (3761 bytes)
MT TUBE81500 4130. Non Branded 8, L=1500, 1.0
Used as rack tubing.
  gari11.jpg (3761 bytes)
SS NMM715 Nemo MTB, Nivacrom 17, L=560, 0.5
MTB S Bend, Double Taper
122 g
SS SL0415560-125
, Omnicrom


14, L=560, 0.7

12.5mm tip

90 g
SS SL0415TO560
, Omnicrom


14, L=560, 0.7

Non Tapered

  gari11.jpg (3761 bytes)
SS MPV160B205 Nivacrom 16, L=560, 0.6
Also available with 10.5mm tip and in Double Taper
  brn615.jpg (3988 bytes)
MT TUBE161500 4130. Non Branded 16, L=1500, 0.9
Untapered Tube
140 g gari11.jpg (3761 bytes)
SS MPV180A501 ZERO 18, 0.5, 560mm
Tapered to 12.5mm


SS NM0715 Nemo, Nivacrom 17, L=560, 0.5
Double Taper with flat for bridge
SS CRR915 Thron, Cromoly 19, L=560, 0.8

Also available in
Double Tapered

168 g crr915.jpg (3886 bytes)
SS DEDSS19COM Nivacrom 19, L=560, 0.7
Also available with Single Bend for MTB
  crr915.jpg (3886 bytes)
MT TUBE191500 4130. Non Branded 19, L=1500, 0.9
Untapered Seat Stay
168 g gari11.jpg (3761 bytes)
SS EG0915OV...101 Ego, Nivacrom Aero, 25/12 oval, double tapered, L=550, 0.6 126 g eg0915ov...101.jpg (3490 bytes)
HT OR0G18600 OR, Nivacrom 32.5, L=600, 1.25   gari11.jpg (3761 bytes)
HT CYRK18600 Cyber, Nivacrom 36, L=600, 1.1
Also available in 1.25mm Gauge
  gari11.jpg (3761 bytes)
HT NVRM18650 OR, Cromoly 37, L=650, 1.6   gari11.jpg (3761 bytes)
MT DEDHT3710250 Dedacciai Nivacrom Equivalent 37, L=250, 1.0   gari11.jpg (3761 bytes)
BT TCMA22 Tandem, Cyclex 48x28, L=680, 1.2 660 g tcma22.jpg (3009 bytes)



We have a quantity of NOS Tange tubes available from the period of their original Japanese factory production.

Prestige MTB Concept top tube oval (34x30mm) to oval (30x27.2mm) x 0.9/0.6/0.9mm

Prestige MTB Concept down tube oval (34x30mm) to oval (30x27.2mm) x 0.9/0.6/0.9 x 650mm

Prestige MTB Concept seat tube oval (33.5x28.6mm) to round 29.6mm bulge butted x 0.9/0.6/1.3mm

Prestige Ultimate Superlight MTB Top Tube 30mm OD x 0.8/0.5/0.8 x 600mm

Prestige Ultimate Superlight MTB down tube 34.9mm x 0.8/0.5/0.8 x 650mm

Prestige Ultimate Superlight MTB down Tube 33mm x 0.8/0.5/0.8 x 600mm.

Prestige Ultimate Superlight MTB Seat tube 28.6 x 29.3mm Externally butted x 0.9/0.6/1.3 x 610mm

Prestige Ultimate Superlight MTB seat Stays 15.9 to 12mm x 0.7mm x 600mm Straight

Prestige Ultimate Ultrastrong MTB Externally ribbed top tube 28.6mm x 1.0x0.7/0.7/1.0x0.7mm x 600mm

Prestige Ultimate Ultrastrong MTB Externally ribbed down tube 34.9mm x 1.0x0.7/0.7/1.0x0.7mm x 650mm

Prestige Ultimate Ultrastrong Seat tube 28.6 x 0.9/0.6mm x 610mm

Prestige Ultimate Superlight 700C Top Tube 28.6 x 0.7/0.4/0.7mm

Prestige Ultimate Superlight 700C Down tube 30mm x 0.8/0.5/0.8 x 650mm

Prestige Fork Blade 28x20mm Oval x 0.9mm x 420mm