'Standard' Size Cast Lug Sets










102 Series. Long Point.

LT102R-1. 31.7x25.4mm. 71°.
LT102R-2. 31.7x25.4mm. 72°.
LT102R-3. 31.7x25.4mm. 73°.*

LD102R-0. 31.7x28.6mm. 60°.
LD102R-1. 31.7x28.6mm. 61°.*
LD102R-2. 31.7x28.6mm. 62°.

LS102R. 28.6x25.4mm. 74°.*

S-LS/LT/LD102R Stainless
Version, ‘*’ These angles


300 Series
. 'Arrowhead'

LT300R. 31.7x25.4mm. 73°.

LD300R. 31.7x28.6mm. 60°.

LS300R. 28.6x25.4mm. 73.30°.
for 10.5mm Seat Stays. - 45°.
E.g. Columbus EL0415..101
Double Taper

S-LS/LT/LD300R Stainless Set

302 Series Fleur-De-Lys

LT302R. 31.7x25.4mm. 73°.
LD302R. 31.7x28.6mm. 60°.
LS302R. 28.6x25.4mm. 73.30°.
For 10.5mm Seat stays.
E.g. Columbus EL0415.101
Double Taper.

Stainless Set











486/487 Series

Top Lug 31.8x25.4mm 73.30° 487 Bottom Lugs 31.8x28.6 59.30°
or LD200C-1 31.8x28.6mm 61°
or LD200C-2 31.8x28.6 62

486 Seat Lug 73.30°

Available in Stainless Steel with stainless LB200 BB shell  


CSC  Series

Top Lug 31.8x25.4mm 73.30° CSC Bottom Lug 31.8x28.6mm 60°

CSC Seat Lug 73.30°




Other 'Standard' Size Cast Seat Lugs






492. Seat Lug. 72.30°.

LS22-9 For 28.6mm.x 25.4mm.x16mm.
Angle 73.30x49.10°.
Suitable for C57 Wishbone.



28.6x25.4x10.5mm. Angle 73.30°.

Any angle seat stay insertion.
For Double Taper Seat Stays


Partially 'Oversize' Cast Lug Sets


200C Series

LT200C-1. 31.7x28.6mm. 71°.
LT200C-2. 31.7x28.6mm. 72°.

LD200C-1. 31.7x28.6mm. 61°.
LD200C-2. 31.7x28.6mm. 62°.

LS200C-2.    28.6x28.6mm 72°.
LS200C-3.28.6x28.6mm 73.30°
S-LS200C-3 As above in Stainless


'Oversize' Cast Lug Sets




204 Series - Long Point

LT204C-2. 31.7x28.6mm. 72°.
LT204C-3. 31.7x28.6mm. 73°.
LT204C-4. 31.7x28.6mm. 74°. *

LD204C-0. 31.7x31.7mm. 60°. *
LD204C-2. 31.7x31.7mm. 62°.

LS204C. 28.6x28.6mm. 74°. *

S-LT/LD/LS204C set
Stainless Steel. Angles see *.

518-2 Top Lug31.7x28.6mm. 72°
LT200-1 Top Lug. 31.7x28.6. 71°

518 Bottom Lug 31.7x31.7mm. 60°

Head lugs and S-LS200C-3
Seat Lug. Stainless in set only

T516 Bottom Lug 31.8x31.8mm.
 60°Ergo Adjuster Bosses M5 Threaded. Close match for 518 Top Lug, perfectable with a small amount of filing.


LS200C-2. Seat Lug 28.6x28.6mm 72°.
LS200C-3. Seat Lug 28.6x28.6mm. 73.30°
S-LS200C-3 As above in Stainless

517 Top Lug 31.7x28.6mm 72°.
          Bottom Lug 31.7x31.7mm

514 Seat Lug 28.6x28.6mm 





TL02 Top Head Lug.
31.8x28.6mm. 73.30°.

TL02S Stainless Version


205 Series Arrowhead Type

LT205R. 31.7x28.6mm. 73°.

LD205R. 31.7x31.7mm. 60°.

LS205R. 28.6x28.6mm. 73.30°.
For 10.5mm. Seat Stays - 45°

E.g. Columbus EL0415..101
Double Taper

Newvex Lugs

Newvex Top Lug 31.7x28.6mm 73°
Bottom Lug 31.7x31.7mm 59°
Seat Lug 28.6x28.6mm 73°

NEWVEXINOX Stainless Version



L5 (Manorina)  Lugs for Sloping Top Tube

L5 Top Lug 31.7x28.6mm 78°.
Bottom Lug 31.8x31.8mm 60°.
Seat Lug 28.6x28.6mm 79°.6° Slope  
L5INOX Stainless Version

Llewellyn Drawings Download





D50/60/70 Fleur de Lys Type

D60. Top 31.7x28.6mm. 73.30°

D70. Bottom 31.7x31.7mm. 59.30°

D50. Seat 28.6x28.6mm.  73.30°

SD50/60/70 As above in Stainless

FDL Top Eyes available.

Nuovo Ritchie Lugs

Also available in Stainless





  LT03 Long Point Top
Head Lug. 31.7x31.7mm. 73.30°

LD03 Long Point Bottom
Head Lug. 31.7 (head) x34.9mm. 60°

F40 Seat Lug. 73.30°.
31.8 x 31.8 x 16mm
F40S Stainless Version.



Other 'Oversize' Cast Seat Lugs.


LS106RO 28.6x28.6mm. Angle 73.30°. Seat Stay ports for 10.5mm double taper seat stays E.g. Columbus EL0415..101, any angle seat stay insertion.
S-LS106RO Stainless Version
P23. 28.6x28.6mm. 73.30° angle.
14mm Seat Stay Ports

LS02F-6. 28.6x28.6mm. 74° angle.
Seat Stay Ports for 1
4mm. seat stays




Cast Lug Sets for 28.6mm (1 1/8") Steering Column. Suit Columbus CYRK18600 Head Tube|



Top Head Lug.
36x28.6mm. 73.30°.
TL01S Stainless Version

LT07 Top Head Lug.
36x28.6mm. 72°
Also 78° angle for use in combination with LS204C-78 degree Seat Lug for Sloping Top Tube
S-LT07 Stainless version 74 or 78°

LD07 Bottom Lug.
36x31.7mm. 60°
LD07-8 Bottom Lug 36x31.8 58°
S-LD07 Stainless Version 60°

LS204C. 28.6x28.6mm. 74°
Also 78°.
S-LS204C Stainless Version in either 74 or 78°

  Top Head Lug.
 36x31.7mm. 74°
S-LT04-8 Stainless Version

LD04 Bottom Head Lug. 61°
36x34.9mm. Slightly shorter Point than LT04-8 above
S-LD04 Stainless Version in 61°

C801 Seat Lug 31.7x31.7. 73.30°

Suggested Seat Lug to match in stainless F40S shown here to the right.



F40 Seat Lug. 73.30°.
31.8 x 31.8 x 16mm
F40S Stainless Version.






P3 Lugs (Crescendo) for Sloping Top Tube

P3 Top Lug 36x31.7 79°.
Bottom Lug 36x35mm 60°.
Seat Lug 31.8x31.8mm 79°. 6° Slope  

P3INOX Stainless Version

Also suitable for MTB.

Llewellyn Drawings Download







C50/60/70 Fleur de Lys Type

C60. Top 36x28.6mm. 73.30°

C70. Bottom 36x31.7mm. 59.30°

C50. Seat 28.6x28.6mm. 73.30°

SC50/60/70 As above in Stainless

FDL Top Eyes available.



MX Lugset

Fits oval tube and down tubes (not bioval). Seat tube is 31.7mm round eg SLFM13635, 36mm head tube for
1 1/8", BB shell also available (BBMX)

LSTMX. Top Lug36x(36.5x27.4 oval) 79°

LSBMX. Bottom Lug 36x(40.3x30.4 oval)

. Seat Lug31.8x(36.5x27.4 oval) 79

Please note this lugset does not suit Columbus MAX tubes.


Cast Lugs for Ladies Frames



Seat Clamp

FB286 Bottom lug 31.8x28.6 59.5°
FB318 Bottom lug 31.8x31.8 59.5
FB36 Bottom lug 36x31.8 59.5
FC286 Seat Clamp 28.6mm
FC318 Seat Clamp 31.8mm


FT254 Top Lug 31.8x25.4. 105.2° FT318 Top Lug 31.8x28.6. 108° 
FT36 Top Lug 36x28.6. 108

FS286 Seat Lug 28.6x28.6 71.2°
FS254 Seat Lug 28.6x25.4 73.8°
Points up to correspond with top lug.


FT318L Top Lug 31.8 Head Tube 98.8 degree
14mm lateral will suit
FS286L Seat lug 28.6mm and Laterals
 14mm lateral will suit.




ATB Cast Lug Sets





Series - Long Point

LT108M Top Lug. 37x31.7mm.
Angle 77.30°.

LD108M Bottom Lug. 37x34.9mm.
Angle 66.10°

LS108M Seat Lug 31.7x31.7mm
Angle 79.30°
Seat Stay port
16mm round
Angle 54.36°

Haden Pressed Seat Lug available
if the shot in ports are not suitable.
See also F40 above.

C70 Series.

C71-MTB. Top Tube. 31.7x28.6mm. 70°.

C72MTB. Down Tube. 31.7x31.7mm. 66°.

LS200C-2 Seat Lug. 72°.
LS200C-3 Seat Lug. 73.30°.



Tandem Cast Lug

C839.Centre Lug. Gents/Ladies
31.7 Top/28.6mm Seat Tube


Cast Seat Tube Collars/Seat Tube Reinforcements



LS01N-2B Seat Tube Collar.
28.6mm. with extended back.
S-LS01N-2B Stainless Version

LS01-3B for 31.7mm. tube.
S-LS01-3B Stainless Version.
LS01-0B for 30mm. tube.
S-LS01-0B Stainless version for 30mm. tube.
S-LS01F-9A Diameter 25.4mm.
S-LS01F-1A Diameter 28.6mm.
S-LS01F-2A Diameter 29.8mm.
S-LS01F-3A Diameter 31.7mm.
S-LS01F-5A Diameter 35mm.
Accept M6 Screw
C84. For 31.7mm. Seat tube.



for 28.6mm.Seat Tube.
Boss 42mm wide. 8.4mm hole.


Seat Clamp. 31.7mm. Diameter.


Diameter 33mm. Stainless Steel. Suitable for XCRM13650A seat tube 33mm


Other Sleeves/Clamps



achined Sleeves for 28.6mm
Seat Tube
370 Height 68mm
372 Height 120mm

372LENGTH Sleeve tubing
in 1 metre length

373 Sleeve for 31.7mm. 70mm Unshaped (Squared off)

Aluminium Seat Clamps for Externally Butted Seat Tubes
Diameter For 29.4mm.
S08 Diameter 29.8mm.

Black Anodized Finish






Stem Lug Kits


Standard steel Plain Stem Set for 25.4mm Steerer.
Two lug kit & teardrop cromoly tube for joining. Fits 26mm. 17° angle
Stainless steel lugs as above with cromoly connector tube.
S-LG302 Stainless steel Fleur de Lys Stem Set for 25.4mm Steerer.
Two lug kit & teardrop cromoly tube for joining. Fits 26mm. 17° angle.


Llewellyn Stainless steel Fleur de Lys Stem Lugs. Sized For 28.6mm Steerer, can be used with a 25.4mm steerer utilizing a suitably sized sleeve tube.
Suitable for a 28.6mm Connector tube of suitable material and gauge.
Stem Rise: ± 5.0°
Bar Clamp Diameter: 31.7 mm

LG286 Standard steel Plain Stem Set for 28.6mm Steerer
Two lug kit & teardrop cromoly tube for joining. Fits 32mm. 17° angle

S-LG286 Stainless Steel Version of above with cromoly connector tube