Crowns are for 28x19mm Standard Continental Oval Fork Blades except where indicated.

‘Wheel clearance’ refers to the approximate distance between tangs or fitted blades whichever is closer.

Crowns are for 25.4 steerer, unless indicated otherwise.

- 25.4mm. Narrow shouldered,
aero design,with lightweight build. 40mm. Wheel clearance.
 Weight 160gr.
61.5mm. centre to centre
J04. As above, for 28.6mm Steerer

LC14. Lightweight hollow design.
Weight: 140gr. 51.5mm c to c.
30mm. wheel clearance.

. As above but with 7° rake
built in for straight blades.

S-LC32. Above in stainless steel.

B14-286 28.6mm steerer version of LC14
32.5mm wheel clearance

LC15. Traditional Lightweight
Semi-sloping design.
Weight: 92 gr. 60mm. c to c.
36mm. wheel clearance.

LC16. Very popular fully sloping
design, with lightweight build.
Weight: 126 gr. 59mm c to c.
39mm. wheel clearance.

C58B. Similar style in 28.6mm Steerer

S-C58B. 28.6 size in Stainless Steel
LC17. Hollow, yet, strong design. Ideal for touring, for a stiff
fork. 42mm wheel clearance.
Weight: 124 gr. 62mm c to c.





Hollow, lightweight crowns.
25.4mm version is 120g approx. 60.5mm. c to c., 38mm wheel clearance.

For curved blades:

- 25.4mm steel
S-LC23 -25.4 Stainless Steel version.
B23N - 28.6mm Steel
 S-B23N - 28.6 Stainless Steel Version

6.50° rake built in:

- 25.4mm steel
S-LC18 - 25.4, Stainless Steel Version.
LC34 - 28.6mm steel
S-LC34 -28.6 Stainless Version

Narrow, lightweight and
strong. 30mm clearance.
Weight: 118 gr. 50mm c to c.

LC31. As above but with 7° rake
for straight blades.






Wide Crowns eg touring/CX/MTB
25.4mm version is
155 g approx. 81mm c to c. 58mm wheel clearance.

For curved blades:

- 25.4mm. Steel
S-LC22C - 25.4mm. Stainless steel
- 28.6mm. Steel
S-LC33 -28.6 Stainless steel version

7° rake built in:

LC37. - 25.4mm. Steel
D33 -
28.6mm. Steel
S-D33 - 28.6mm. Stainless Steel

Wide fork crown
Weight 185 g. 47mm. clearance.
72mm c to c.

S-LC27 Stainless Version

LC41. As above with 28.6mm Steerer.

S-LC41 Stainless Version

Stainless Steel Fleur de Lys version of
LC18. 7° built in rake for straight
blades. 39mm wheel clearance.
60mm c to c. Weight 110 g.




A27 -  For 28.6mm steerer.
52mm Wheel Clearance
5.7 degree built in rake


-  45mm Wheel Clearance
Stainless Version
B30 -
 50mm Wheel Clearance

Stainless Version
For 28.6mm Steerer.
52mm Wheel Clearance
B70S. Stainless Version




MK. Requires thick gauge blades
37mm. wheel clearance.


Fork Crown. 25.4mm steerers. 47mm between blades. Pocketed for and Supplied with 4 Ace Fork Liner.

S-LC39 Fork Crown for 28.6mm steerer tube. 40mm between tangs. Stainless steel

LC53A-W72 Fork Crown 28.6mm steerer tube. 72mm between fork blades at exit of crown

LC53A-W52. As above. 52mm between fork blades at exit of crown.



B90-286. Extra Wide. 68.7mm wheel clearance. Brake Hole Undrilled. 28.6mm Steerer. 190g

B90-25.4. As above for 25.4mm steerer


Fork Crown. Fleur De Lys
For Raked Blades
33mm wheel Clearance
B20S As above in Stainless

B20S also available with 7 degree rake built. Please enquire.


Fork Crown
For Raked Blades
Choice of 25.4 or 28.6mm Steerer Size
56mm between blades at the exit of crown

 Can Supply Worldwide except USA

MTB Fork Crown

Choice of 25.4 or 28.6mm Steerer Size
For raked blades. 72mm between fork blades at exit of crown

 Can Supply Worldwide except USA



Other Fork Blade Sizes



Traditional type track fork
crown, for 24mm round fork
blades. 25.4 steerer. 40mm. clearance.
Weight: 118 gr. 64mm c to c.

B35 As above for 28.6mm Steerer


LC12. Built-in rake permits
custom fork-builds, using standard
28.6 tubing. For 28.6mm
Steering Column.
Weight: 280 gr. 91.7mm. c to c.
63mm. wheel clearance.


US. Uni Crown for 25.4mm. round blades
Uni Crown for 28.6mm. round blades - 25.4mm steering column.

C199. Uni Crown for 28.6mm. round
fork blades, and 28.6mm. steering column.



Specially made to fit the
Columbus MAX fork blades code
MAXL16V2. 25.4mm steerer
Built in 7° rake Weight: 160g.
37.5mm wheel clearance.

LC36-6. As above but suitable
for 28.6mm steering column.



Specially made to fit the
Columbus MAX fork blades code MAXL16V2. Internal Type.
25.4mm Steerer. Built in
7° rake Weight: 130g
Width 36.7mm

B67. Suitable for Columbus MAX Blades. For 28.6mm Steerer and raked blades.
52mm Wheel Clearance


B66. As above, but 42mm wheel clearance.

ZEUS Track Crown - For 25.4mm steerer and 22mm Track Blades.

Supplied with Fork blades - Straight or Raked