Angle - 68 or 72.
For 12.5mm. c/stay. 12.5mm s/stay. Please specify angle.
LR12-132. For 13.2mm c/stays, 12.5mm s/stay 72 degree
For 12.5mm. c/stay. 12.5mm s/stay. Please specify 68 or 72.
SLR12-132. For 13.2mm c/stays, 12.5mm s/stay 72
LR13M-1. ATB. 63.
For 12.5mm. S/S 12.5mm. C/S Tip
Also 14mm. C/S Tip. Please specify.
SLR13M-1. Stainless
Same specifications as above.

LR09R-1. For Seat Stay Tip 10.5mm.
Chain Stay Tip 12.5mm. Angle: 72.

SLR09R-1. As above - Stainless.

LR09V-1 For Seat Stay Tip 10.5mm.
Chain Stay Tip 13.0mm. Angle: 72.

SLR09V-1. As above - Stainless


Ritchey Cast Ends.

54.For 13.5mm. Chainstay,
12.5mm. Seat Stay Socket.

Also 74 degree (Chain Stay port 13mm/Seat Stay 12.0mm)

Ritchey Cast Ends Stainless
54, 62 or 74 degree as above


Llewellyn Rear Dropouts 72 degree.
 12.5mm seat stay and chain stay sockets.

L4S. As above in Stainless Steel. Also 64 degree
Breezer Type Dropouts. For Tig Welding. Vari-angle

S-Breezer Type Dropouts - Stainless Steel

953S Dropouts Stainless
14mm Chain Stay Plug, 12mm Seat Stay Plug.
57,  63 degree. Suitable for use with 953 Tubing

Also available in 70 degree, double eyelet only.


Dropouts. For Seat Stay 12.7mm, Chain Stay Port 12.7mm
Single M5 eyelet

DR07-64 Angle:64, S-DR07-64 Stainless
DR07-68 Angle:68,
S-DR07-68 Stainless
DR07-72 Angle:72                                    


DR02. Dropouts. 66 degree. Double Eyelet.
Plug size is 11.5mm chainstay and 9.0mm seat stay.



C-111. Dropouts. Extra Strong. Suitable for Tandem.
Free Angle Seat Stay.
Socket for 13.5mm. Chainstay Tip.


BREEZER-H Breezer Style Steel. Replacable Steel Hanger
DR10Z Steel Dropouts - Tig Type - 20mm width weld area. To be used with DR10A, B or C hangers. Come with bolts DR10A Alloy Hangers for DR10Z. Black Anodized.
DR10B Alloy Hangers for DR10Z. Black Anodized. DR10C Alloy Hangers for 142-12 Thru Axle. M12 x 1.5.
Can use Boost axle 148 length on a 142 hub . Black Anodized.
1161 Horizontal Cast Dropouts. 71
 Steel Only

DR04 Tig Dropouts. Disc brake Type
DR03 Tig Dropouts. Post Mount Type and replaceable hanger. For 160mm rotor



DR06 Tig Dropout. Flat Mount Double Eye.
M12x1.5 Thru Axle


 Steel Plates. Flanged for tig or fillet braze. Come with Bolts and Dropout Adjusters

Sliders Hangers can be ordered separately under the codes:
DR05H Right with hanger
DR05D Left with disc mount
DR05N Left with no disc mount



LR26A-1 Flat Mount Dropouts M12x1.5mm. Cromoly. Flange is 20mm across. Plug 14.4mm diameter. Axle hole centre to start of plug 88mm
S-LR26A-1. Stainless steel Version
LR27A-2 Flat Mount Dropouts M12x1.5mm.
Flange is 20mm acorss.

LR25A-1 Thru Axle dropouts M12 x 1.5mm. Flange is 20mm


Track Type/Single Speed/Rear Facing

LR15 Track Ends 70 degree
10.85mm Seat Stay Plug.
11.5mm Chain Stay Plug.
SLR15 As above in Stainless


Track Ends 70 degree
10.85mm Seat Stay Plug
11mm Chain Stay Plug
With Threaded Adjuster Hole

Y1S As above. Polished Stainless
DR2020 For Tig Weld. Vari angle


Y5 Cast Track Ends (Flat Type) 64 degree
Y5S Stainless Type
Y1H Cast Dropouts. Double Eye 62 degree with Hanger. 10.85mm Seat Stay Plug
11mm Chain Stay Plug
With Threaded Adjuster Hole


Articulated Angle

 For Seat stay dia. 10.5mm. Tip
For Chain stay dia. 12.5mm. Tip
LR10R-12.5. As above but for 12.5mm Seat Stay Tip
S-LR10R-12.5. As above in Stainless
LR01. For Seat Stay Tip 12.5mm.
    For Chain Stay Tip 14mm.

LR302R. For 12.5mm. Chain Stay Tip
             For 10.5mm Seat Stay Tip
S-LR302R. As above in Stainless Steel
R5.  As LR302R but for 12.5mm Seat Stay Tip
R5S. As above in Stainless Steel
R1 Dropouts. For Disc Brake
Chain stay Port 14mm. Seat Stay Port 12.5mm
Optional 14mm Seat Stay Socket. Please Specify if required.
 LR02 Dropout
Chain Stay Port 15.9mm Seat Stay Port 14mm
 Matches SCRR114V9 & SCRM114OV Chain Stays
C1152. Dropouts.
8.9mm Seat Stay Plug
11mm Chain Stay Plug.

DR01 Dropouts. Horizontal
Chain stay Port 13mm. Seat Stay Port 11mm




Front Dropouts

10.5mm plug * 12.7mm.
12mm Plug * 14.3mm.
S-LE20 Stainless version
12mm Plug * 14.3mm.
SLE20-2. Stainless Version

- 10mm Plug Stainless Steel
904S - 11.8mm Plug Stainless Steel

Small Angle for Straight or Raked Forks


C188B. 20.2mm. Plug. * 23.2mm

C196B. 20.2mm. Plug. * 23.2mm

LE16-1 - 23mm plug * 25.4mm LE13-1 - 26.2mm plug * 28.6mm
S-LE13-1 As above in Stainless Steel
FD01-1 . - 16.3mm Plus * 20.4mm
LE17H. Socket for 13mm tip.
SLE17H. As above in Stainless Steel
953FN. Stainless Steel. 14.9mm Socket
953FNN.   Non Stainless Version
L6. Llewellyn Socket for 13.8mm tip
L6S. As above but in Stainless Steel

S-LE302R Version in Stainless Steel
LE21. Socket for 14mm Tip.
S-LE21 Stainless Steel Version
LE21N Steel. Socket for 12.5mm tip
DR20. Plug is 14.5mm diameter.
Plug fits Reynolds Disc Fork Blades. Less offset

S-DR20 Stainless Version. No Eyelet
  901. Socket for 13mm tip
901S. Stainless Steel Version
L3. Llewellyn Socket for 13.8mm tip
L3S. Stainless Steel Version
LE-MAX . For MAX Tear Drop Fully Profiled Fork blades.
 Non Standard.

Art. 570. 10.7mm Plug * 13.25mm. Machined Steel.

T1. For Straight or Raked Blades
Comes in 10.5mm or 11.5mm Plug. Please Specify
Machined Steel.

905 . 13mm plug * 17.2mm with tabs DR22 . 13.9mm Plug. Alternative to DR20 for Reynolds Disc fork blades. More offset. Slightly Loose Fit  
FD26 . Thru Axle M12x1.5. 14mm Plug
FD33. Thru Axle M15x1.5mm. 14mm Plug
FD27 . Thru Axle M12x1.5. 12mm Plug

Hanger Only

Stainless Steel
Derailleur hanger.