All Shells are for BSA (English) thread 68mm Width unless otherwise indicated.

Standard Size - 28.6 x 28.6mm.

LB100R - For 22.2mm Chainstays. 60.30x62.30x7°.
No guides or cut-outs.

W100 - Similar to picture but 57.4x64.8x7°


LB102WN Version without Slots
Stainless Version


- For 22.2mm Chainstays.
No guides or cut-outs.

Available in stainless as a set with 486/487 lugs

LB202 - For 22.2mm Chainstays.
No guides or cut-outs.

LB300 - Arrowhead Shell.
For 22.2mm Chainstays.
59.30x62.30x8°. Cut out and guides.

S-LB300 Stainless Version





LB302R - Fleur-de-Lys Shell.
For 22.2mm Chainstays.
59.30x62.30x8°. Heart shape
Cut out and guides.
S-LB302R Stainless Version


. 28.6x28.6x22.2mm.60.30x62.30°
Flat top for engraving.

Supplied with matching cast lugs only





Shaula. 28.6x28.6x22.2mm Cast Shell. With
Tunnels. Italian Threads only. 60.5x62.5°.


LB109R - With Oval 30x17mm. Chainstays.
Angles 60x64x7.30°. No guides or cut-outs.
S-LB109R Stainless Version



Oversize - 31.7 x 28.6mm



- 30x17mm. Oval Chainstays.
60.30x62.30x7.30° angles.
No guides or cut-outs.
LB106I  Italian threads.
S-LB106 BSA Stainless version

995A Sizes above 60x64x7.30°
995B Sizes above 61.50x64x7.30°

W106 - 30x17mm. Oval Chainstays
60.30x62x7° angles.
No guides or cut-outs

W106B- As above 57.4 x 64.8 x 7

LB204 -59x 64x7° angles.
For 22.2mm. Chainstays.
Heart shape cut-out in bottom.
Also available with Italian threads.
S-LB204 BSA Stainless version


LB205 - 22.2mm. Chainstays.
60x64x7° angles. Arrowhead Type
Slots and guides in bottom.


S4. 31.8x28.6x30/17mm oval.

S4INOX. As Above. Stainless Steel.

Now stocked without cutout in base


980 31.8x28.6x22mm round.
No slots or guides.

As above in Stainless

BBP6 35x31.8x30/17 Oval

Delivered Worldwide Except USA






931 - 34.9x28.6x30/17mm oval
60.30x62.30x7° Angles.
New Design, No Slots, no guides.

931I - Italian thread version

931S - As above in Stainless
LB09-0 - 34.9x31.7x30/17mm oval
60.30x65x7° Angles.
No cut-outs or guides.
S-LB09-0 Stainless Version

LB09-3 As above 63°x65°x
LB09N 34.9x31.7x30/17 Oval
 57x64x Angles.


991 - 34.9x31.7x22.2mm
Angles 60°x64°x
991S As above in Stainless.
998 - 31.7x31.7x22.2mm
Angles 60°x64°x
998S - As above in Stainless





31.7x28.6x22.2mm Tubes
62/69° angles.
With Chain stay cable guide
C69MT1 - 10° Chainstays.
Also stocked engraved ‘Reynolds’
C69MT - Parallel Chainstays.
C79 - 34.9x31.8x30/17mm Tubes
63.30x68.30x14° angles.
No guides or cut-outs.





831 Cast Bottom Bracket Shell.
30/17mm Oval Chain stay ports


BBMX Cast BB Shell. Suits oval down tube (40.3x30.4 oval), 31.7mm round seat tube,  30/17mm Oval Chain Stays (not MAX)

Please note. The down tube will fit a Columbus MAX down tube. However there are no matching lugs that will suit for the head tube.