Llewellyn – Stem Lugs

The first Design and Form by Llewellyn lug set Year 2004.

Llewellyn Handlebar Stem Lugs


For many of my early frames, I fillet brazed stems. And, even though my fillet brazed stems were very popular addition to my lugged frame sets, I felt that they did not fully match the aesthetic of my lugged frames. A lugged frame should have a lugged stem!

So I made sketches. I needed the option of 1 1/8” fork or 1” fork with a sleeve, and I needed to fit the industry standard of 31.8mm handlebar. Once I sorted all that out in my sketches, I drafted up a set of detailed dimensioned drawings from which I hand-fabricated samples for my first production lugs.

The stem lug features are

  • Fits 31.8 handle bar
  • Fits 25.4 (1” with sleeve) or 28.6 (1 1/8”) steerer tube.
  • The stem extension tube is at 84 degrees to the fork steerer axis
  • Easy mitring of the 28.6 diameter extension tube and easy perpendicular alignment of the handlebar axis to fork steerer axis.
  • Stainless steel lugs to avoid possible corrosion with the handle bar or fork.
  • Dependable lugged construction which also compliments the aesthetic of a lugged frame.
  • Room on the stem lug’s surface and shore line to allow one to shape to compliment the frame’s lug shape.