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  • steel

Technical Characteristics

  • Excellent lightness; maximum resistance to stresses
  • Optimal rigidity

Reasons to use Genius

  • Athlete: Genius is the ideal choice for competition frames. Thanks to the 'Differential Shape Butted' concept the tubing weight has been safely reduced according to the distribution of stresses within the frame.
  • Framebuilder: Thanks to Nivacrom steel, Genius tubes offer long lasting mechanical properties. Positioning notches are marked for the proper assembling of the frame. Genius is conceived for TIG welding but different tubes are available for lug and fillet brazing too.

Suggested Sets:

Genius Road Frame TIG


TT GN0M11 a 28.6, L=560/600 165 g gn0m11.jpg (5171 bytes)
DT GN0M12 a 31.7, L=610/640 195 g gn0m12.jpg (5160 bytes)
ST GNCI13 a 28.6, L=560 192 g gnci13.jpg (4887 bytes)
CS GN0114OV r 29.9/16, L=410
Can Substitute Life Type. Of similar Gauge and Quality
132 g gn0114ov.jpg (4455 bytes)
SS NRN715 a 17, L=560, 0.5 92 g nrn715.jpg (3458 bytes)
HT SL0I18 a 31.7, L=180, 1.0
Available in 600mm lengths
84 g nm0i18.jpg (2628 bytes)
Weight of 8 tubes cut and mitred for 54cm centre to centre frame = 1077 g